My Journey Through Code

#{Victoria Machen}

Diving into Test-Driven Development

At my online coding school, Flatiron School, we are introduced to the main concepts behind Test-Driven Development (TDD) briefly, but we use tests on every lab we encounter. Only, the tests are already written for us as guidelines for how to correctly complete a lab. Once we fork and clone our labs, we run our tests, and they are failing. It is our job as students to make them pass. Once they pass, “Congrats, you’ve finished your lab!”

My Journey Discovering Code

This blog is highly overdue (and a bit long)!

Crafty: My Rails Final Project!

I have always been interested in arts and crafts since I was a kid, so when it came time to think of an app I could create for my Rails Portfolio project, I was set on making a crafting app. “Crafty” is an app in which users can create, manage, and keep a record of any crafts they have created. In addition, user can also view each other’s crafts (but only edit thier own) in case they would like to try making art using someone else’s instructions!

My Sinatra Bucket List App

Today marks the day that I have finally finished my Sinatra Portfolio project. There have been a lot of things going on in my life (school, moving across states, etc.) and I am so happy to have gotten to this milestone.

My First Project :D

Today, I have just finished (and will submit for review) my very first programming project! For this project, our task was to build an Object Oriented Ruby application that provided a CLI to an external data source.